• Tyrone F Reeves

What we want Most often comes Last.

Since I could remember, I dreamed of having a nice car. Its embarrassing to admit, but I used to read magazines and pick out the stereo system I intended on putting in my car. All this coming from a 14-year-old. This isn’t important, the fact that boys dream of cars wouldn’t surprise anybody. It’s the reason I dreamed of a loud stereo system in my car, I wanted the girls.

Most guys can relate to this feeling. The feeling of having nice things so you can attract nice women. But where does this come from? The desire to chase your heart through ownership of temporary possessions. That’s not the point either though, the point is we often do the things we do for LOVE. This is where I agree with most feminist who often claim women are smarter than men.

Unfortunately, the decisions men make from LOVE are often the worst choices we ever make. If you’re a woman reading this, I want you to ask the next guy you see, if some of his worst decisions were made from emotions. Emotions aren’t the strength of most men, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. This means men don’t possess the knowledge to communicate those emotions the way women do. Women often socialize with emotions being the topic of choice. Examples of emotions being the topic: gender reveal parties, baby showers, weddings, engagements, prom, relationships, best friends, etc…. All these social engagements evolve around the feelings of the people participating or the people watching, regardless you are emotionally involved.

Men often come together for similar reasons, but the social engagement is different within the group. A good example of this is men having bachelor parties at a strip club. Its common now for women to do the same, but we all know this is something men kicked off. I used that as an example because talking isn’t necessary in the strip club for men. The money he currently has says everything about him, “at least for the night”. And the dancers in the club are professionals at spotting where the money really is.

A man doesn’t typically

use social engagements or words to express LOVE, we often use our actions, and these actions are proved by trophies. Cars, watches, rims etc….


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