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4 Tips for Building a Personal Brand!

Learning how to actively listen will garner the ability to extract information from improbable sources. DataScience at Berkeley’s School of Information states, “The way we talk about data matters, because it shapes the way we think about data. And the ways we apply, fund, and support data today will shape the future of our society.” As a communication media specialist at Alabama A&M University, I've learned effective data mining can be exercised through conversation by way of interviews.

One’s ability to use information received while conversing must be managed effective and efficiently to maximize productivity. Global markets has increase the impact of cultural differences in communication which may be as important as ever. The results from lack of cultural awareness can be detrimental to organizations with international business interest.

Different modes and styles of communication increases efficiency when exchanging information between audiences. Understanding the principals that govern the individual modes/channels (email, staff meeting, one-on-one, text messages, blogging etc.) of communication allows for tailored messaging that results in maximum efficiency.

  1. Stand Out From the Crowd

  • How does a tree stand out from the crowd? When you stand out from the crowd there is something unique about your organization or product. Every industry leader has a signature that clearly establishes their presence over competitors. This signature is commonly known as a brand. Easily measure how an organization’s brand stands out from the crowd by results of sales or gain over competitors in a given time period.

  • For example, if two organizations spend $1,000.00 on marketing/advertising with identical strategies, whoever sales the most products have a clear advantage. This advantage is what organizations attempt to leverage against their competitors to institute growth. For a tree to stand out in a forest, it must grow.

2. Personal branding

  • Members at the Forbes Agency Counsel says, “With so many social platforms, personal branding is all around us. And it's really no surprise: Consider the rise of influencer marketing and the fact that young generations are growing up with this technology. As recent graduates enter the competitive workforce, a strong personal brand could be what differentiates one candidate from the next.”

3. Informational Interviews

  • Seek 3 individuals within your field that have accomplished some of the goals you desire. Probe reliable sources for information into the path they took in achieving the goals desired. At this point, you’re ready to make contact. Simply ask if their accepting Informational Interview request at the time and continue to follow up in the future.

  • Questions to ask a potential mentor can be simple, “how did you break into the industry?” What steps would you take if you were to make the transition all over again? How do you see the industry evolving? Usually this provides them the opportunity to share what their comfortable with.

  • Don’t feel as though your doing something wrong by intentionally asking for insight or direction. This provides you an opportunity to stand out. Having the personal attention of an influencer in your industry can help you achieve your goals. Remember, if they agree to the interview request, consider it a personal interview! Be well prepared.

  • An elevator pitch is your opportunity to make a good first impression. The Mind Tools Content Team believes your elevator pitch should be brief and persuasive. A speech that can be used to spark interest in what your organization does. They can also be used to create interest in a project, idea, or product. An elevator pitch should last no longer than 30-60 seconds. It should be interesting, memorable, and succinct. They should also explain what makes you or your organizations product or ideas unique.

4. Reinvent Your Brand

  • Your personal brand should highlight your strengths while establishing a reputation. Build trust by consistently communicating the unique attributes that makes you unique in your current or desired industry.


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