I initially met Staff Sergeant Tyrone F. Reeves 15 years ago as Private Reeves. During this time frame, he was assigned to my unit as a logistics specialist and I, as a communications specialist.

While having the opportunity to work alongside him in that capacity for two years, I was able to bear witness to his diligence to perfect his craft, his willingness to set and accomplish challenging personal and professional goals, and his uncanny ability to think outside the box and resolve complex issues.

Jermarcus K. Nettles

Chief Warrant Officer 

I had the opportunity to work with, then, Specialist Reeves from 2006-08' when he was assigned to my unit as a logistician and I served as his senior leader. 


Staff Sergeant Tyrone F. Reeves was by far the best example and role model to all Soldiers.  His ability to provide the logistical support to our unit helped foster a positive climate while expertly accomplishing any assigned mission.

His outstanding organizational skills coupled with his ability to multitask under tight deadlines helped in the unit’s overall success both in garrison and while deployed to Iraq.

His character was always beyond reproach.

His “Soldier first” attitude demonstrated his quintessential characteristic of selfless service. 

In my 24 years of service, I have had the opportunity to work with countless leaders, both Commissioned and Non-Commissioned Officers at various levels of Commands.


I can unequivocally state that I have never worked with a more dedicated, competent and committed leader.

His organizational leadership and management of his duties and responsibilities were always above what was asked of him.


This young leader always had the complete trust of myself and other leaders within the unit and could always be counted on to be there for the Soldiers whether on the Forward Operating Bases or out in the Combat Outposts while deployed.

Staff Sergeant Tyrone F. Reeves is a renowned leader in the United States Army who has impacted numerous Officers, Noncommissioned Officers and Soldiers alike.

Steven Q. Farr

Command Sergeants Major (R)


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