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Life of an army personnel helps in exploring new places. In the tenure of duty, they get deployed to many countries. It lets them explore new cultures, much more, society, clothing styles and living style. Both veterans of equipped force got the chance of exploring a fresh country. It will need to have been their fascination with the style industry which managed to get an unforgettable trip. It provided them a fresh hope and a fresh idea. In the new place, they found lots of new clothing tendencies which enticed them a great deal. The life span of army workers lets you connect to the folks of other country and find out about their fashion sense and custom and background of fashion.

How exactly to implement the knowledge of the military in establishing of business?

The life span of army personnel is filled with adventure and motivation. The dangerous and difficult situations convert them into an emotionally and bodily strong person. Both veterans have discovered to stay from their beloved relatives and buddies in a fresh country. They have so a lot of self-discipline and inspiration to work tirelessly. The heart of establishing a fresh business and working even though one of the experienced, Tyrone F. Reeves was still a dynamic responsibility soldier is something you can only learn through the military. Their previous responsibility helped them a great deal in pursuing their interest and dream.

How fashion affect lifestyle?

Fashion is not at all something the material or shoes you wear but fashion is how you present yourself and the clothes you are putting on. It’s important to test new designs of clothes and make it magnificently, rather than choosing the audience. In the memorable trip of the military, one of the veterans got deployed to South Korea where he discovered an enormous variety of clothes. All of the designs were new and trendy which can change any nerd or geek into an elegant one. Fashion can transform how you look at life and makes you more expressive through your outfits. Motivation to work more…


Business is not a single-person work rather a team work. You will find hard times which you need to go through and at the same time, you have to support others as well. Tyrone F. Reeves also went through such circumstances but the hard work and motivation helped him to conquer. He also motivated his workers to work more and kept himself strong throughout. These are very small things but matters a lot in real life when you must face real problems. He served the nation for 13 years that offered him the potential of facing hard times with strength.

What can every entrepreneur learn from the lives of army personnel?

If you look at the situation that Tyrone faced, you can find the positivity of inner self. He didn’t lose hope and contacted with every small business owner in his neighborhood and tries to learn their way of working. Everyone has something new to teach and he required the advantage. He
made good contacts with everyone, even when the person had not been related to his kind of business in any way. The other veteran boy focused on his duty and at the same time looks out for his desire. He was more interested in the fashion industry. And when he got deployed in the new country, he tried to learn their fashion sense and dressing style. Even he himself experimented some of the designs personally which helped him in expanding his knowledge about fashion.

How one can manage multi-work?

It is not so difficult to proceed with many works if you have the enthusiasm. Even after being in one job, you can arrange a platform for your own dreams. To be successful in what you are doing you must have to be passionate about the work. Try to learn something new from every place as it will help eventually. Both the veterans tried to learn something new from every place and person. If one of them would have thought that they are army personnel and they can’t do any other work, then they must not have succeeded in both the fields.

Why is failure important for success?

Failure is as important as success and people often learn from their mistakes. A failure person can get much more ideas of re-establishing the business and taking it to new heights. The army staff also didn’t lose the hope and worked well tirelessly to turn their dreams into fact. Even after getting the taste of failure, they worked well hard for it and finally got succeeded. Their life is surely an inspiration for many entrepreneurs. You must work without worrying about future and motivate yourself as well as other workers to get better benefits.


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