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The Madison county program was established with the aim of protecting the rights of the children and ensuring that as many children as possible have been protected from abuse. The initiative was started by Judge Hartwell Lutz in the year 1987. The platform is aimed at protecting the children from abuse and helping the children that have been neglected.


It is estimated that there are over 2000 reports of child abuse and neglect in Madison County. With the increased activities and the busy lives that majority of the people are leading children are often left and this leads to the abuse and the neglect the children.

The CAJA of Madison County therefore ensures that the safety of the children is achieved and that children are getting a comfortable life. CAJA of Madison County trains volunteers who have the interest of the children in courts.


The volunteers are the everyday citizens who have the interest of learning about the court system and have the desire of improving the lives of the children. The community is filled with abused and neglected children who just need good care and to be in a safe space

The volunteers involved do not need to have special education or background in order to take part in the program. One is only required to undergo a background check and undertake forty hours of training. This is aimed at equipping one with the knowledge and understanding of what is expected of them. After the training the volunteers are believed to have the relevant skills required to handle a case.


It is the responsibility of the volunteers to ensure that by the end of the case the child is placed in a safe environment and a permanent home. The supervisors assure the children of security as they are not inconsistent creating instability in the lives of the children. One volunteer gets to handle one child and finally ensures that the kid gets a permanent home that is safe to thrive.

The program requires funding in order to fully function and the lack of enough funding has really shortchanged the activities of the organization. The organization relies on funding from the government, community members and the corporations. For example more than 500 Madison County children are in the foster care and only 20 % of the children could be assisted and placed in safe homes.


The organization requires adequate funding to help ensure that there are enough resources to protect for the rights of the children and provide the best for the children. The organization works with the belief that every kid is entitled to be happy and hence the people should make a difference to ensure that this is achieved.  



The CAJA volunteers are people from different backgrounds and careers brought together by the idea every child deserves a safe permanent home.


It is therefore important for the community members who have the desire of bringing a difference in the community and providing a safe home for the children and taking care of the abused and neglected children.


Volunteers are required to give on average ten hours per month to each case and it should take approximately a year and a half before case is closed.


Donations provided are aimed at providing a secure network and provide support to each and every child who needs it.


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